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Dumbbells, Dumbbell sets, Dumbbell pairs

I don't know what dumbbell set I want, help!


 I don't want to read, skip me ahead to the dumbbell sets


Relax, my friend, there are so many options for you to choose from, and while that may seem a little bit overwhelming for you, it is in general a good thing all around. Whether you are a beginner or a complete pro, there is a set of dumbbells just for you.

The first question to answer would be, Do you want a pair of dumbbells or a set of dumbbells?




Pairs or sets?




Dumbbell pairs: 


The benefit of a pair of dumbbells is that they are often the most cost-effective. If you are new to the dumbbell world, you might just want to try a pair out and see how it goes. And that's absolutely fine; you don't need to go dumbbell mad just yet.

Dumbbell pairs are ideal for beginners and those who use them for lighter workouts. They are great for beginners because, as a beginner, you probably know what you are comfortable with. You can select a pair with just the right amount of weight for you and see if you like them or not. For those who like the versatile nature of dumbbells and use them to warm up for lifting heavier weights, dumbbell pairs are also ideal.

They don't require a rack and are easy to store; unlike dumbbell sets, dumbbell pairs are not problematic in terms of taking up space, which is ideal for those who don't yet want to fully commit to the full set.


Dumbbell pairs. the ultimate gym gear dumbbell pairs. 2.5kg - 85kg

These are the perfect example of dumbbell pairs, they are from a very reputable brand called GymGear. They come with a range of 2.5kg - 85kg. Perfect for those who do not know what weight range they want and have had enough scouring the internet for different weight ranges, we know the feeling of coming across a pair of dumbbells with one weight option, sigh. 




Dumbbell sets:


Just like dumbbells within themselves are versatile in terms of what you can do with them, dumbbell sets are ultra-versatile, with different sets increasing in different increments and sets that have different weight ranges. They are the legends of the fitness world. Fancy a lighter weight today? No problem, a dumbbell set is very flexible in terms of weight ranges, which is why they are so great for progression. You can start light and eventually work your way up, and while it may take a while to build up, you will eventually, which is also why dumbbell sets are a great long-term investment. If you have the funds and are determined to up your dumbbell game, a dumbbell set is perfect for you.

Dumbbell sets are convenient; a whole array of weight ranges are within arm's reach when you have a set of dumbbells. You can even use your dumbbells when watching TV or doing other idle tasks, so you always have the perfect excuse not to do any housework.

Dumbbell set storage is relatively easy too; many sets of dumbbells come with a rack or some other storage solution, making them great to have in small rooms and other places around your house.



Myo strength rubber dumbbell set, 2.5kg - 60 kg, 24 pair dumbbell set

 This is the Myo-strength rubber dumbbell set, with a range of 2.5kg - 60kg, a 24-pair set. Great for slowly progressing and stepping up your dumbbell game.


These are GymGear rubber dumbbells, they come as a set in 12 pairs and increase in 2.5kg increments (2.5kg - 30kg). Often recommended with a rack.

Gym gear, rubber dumbbell set. 12 pair set




What about the materials? Hex set, rubber set or urethane set??




Hex dumbbell set:


Hex dumbbell sets are commonly identified by their rather unique hex-like shape. Hex dumbbell sets are convenient for one thing, rogue dumbbells! They stop your dumbbells from rolling all over the place, ideal if you don't have a rack. However, the main purpose of a hex dumbbell set is of course the aesthetics, they look good! With the added bonus of no rolling around like someone on fire attempting a stop drop and roll.


GymGear 2.5kg-15kg rubber hex dumbbell set, 6 pairs increasing in 2.5kg increments. Don't they look good!

Gym Gear 2.5kg-15kg rubber hex dumbbell set




Rubber dumbbell set:


Rubber dumbbells have a solid iron core that is encased in a layer of rubber coating, rubber dumbbells protect your floors and the dumbbell itself from damage. They also reduce any noise if you drop them, with no iron clanging against your floor and putting a dent in your laminate. Rubber dumbbell sets also protect against rusting and other forms of corrosion, they are also quite easy to keep clean.



This is the Myo strength rubber dumbbell set 1kg-10kg set, it comes with an optional vertical rack for an easy storage solution.


Myo strength 1kg -10 kg rubber dumbbell set





Urethane dumbbell set:


Urethane dumbbells are similar to rubber dumbbells in terms of how they are made, urethane dumbbells also have an iron core. The difference is urethane is much more durable, urethane is an ultra-high quality material, resistant to wear and tear. Urethane dumbbell sets are renowned for their longevity, which makes them a fabulous long-term investment.


Yes, we know. That is indeed a Hex dumbbell set.. with urethane material, talk about a combo!

Escape fitness, nucleus urethane hex dumbbell set




In conclusion, we hope this helped you decide what's best for you. Contact us if you need help.