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Gym Gear 1-10kg Rubber Dumbbell Set

10 pair 2 tier rack

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Attention all aspiring muscle builders and workout enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for the incredible Gym Gear 1-10kg Rubber Dumbbell Set—a set that will turn your arms into toned works of art. Say hello to guns of steel!

With a simple and modern design, this rubber dumbbell set is the missing piece to complete your commercial or home gym puzzle. It's like the finishing touch that takes your workout space from "meh" to "wowza!" Get ready to flex your muscles and impress everyone with your style.

Weight identification? Piece of cake! Say goodbye to confusing numbers and hello to easy weight identification. No more squinting or scratching your head in confusion. This set is designed to make your workout life easier, so you can focus on the important things—like pumping iron and looking fabulous.

Let's talk durability, shall we? These rubber dumbbells are built to last. We've reinforced them with a solid steel core and coated them in black virgin rubber for ultimate durability. They've been machine pressed under a mind-boggling 5 tons of pressure and machine welded to perfection. These bad boys are tougher than your boss when you ask for a raise!

The knurled easy-grip handle is here to ensure that your workout is comfortable and secure. It's like shaking hands with your best friend—strong, reliable, and always there for you. So, grab hold and let the gains begin!

Oh, and did we mention the convenient 10 pairs in 1kg increments? It's like having a whole dumbbell family at your fingertips. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, this set has got you covered. No matter your fitness level, you'll find the perfect weight to challenge yourself and achieve your goals.

So, my fellow fitness adventurers, it's time to embrace the power of the Gym Gear 1-10kg Rubber Dumbbell Set. Get ready to lift, sweat, and transform your arms into the envy of all. It's time to sculpt those muscles and become the superhero version of yourself. Let's dive into the world of strength and make those dumbbells your new best friends!

All GymGear Free Weights are covered by GymGear’s standard limited 12 month warranty from the original date of purchase unless otherwise stated. This warranty covers products against manufacturing defects for the original purchaser, wear and  tear is not covered under warranty. All Urethane Coated Products are covered for 3 years against manufacturing

defects (i.e. Urethane Dumbells and Olympic Discs). The warranty does not cover:

• Damage resulting from misuse or neglect.

• Anything deemed to be normal wear and tear.

• Damage resulting from items being used on inappropriate flooring, i.e. concrete, wood or especially hard surfaces.

Suitable Rubber or EVA flooring is recommended to prolong the life of your free weight and functional equipment.

• Damage resulting from Olympic Bumper Plates not being used on a suitable good quality Olympic Lifting Platform.

• Any issues with superficial stickers, badges or end caps.

• Damage resulting from throwing or dropping products that are not designed for this purpose, including but not limited to

Dumbells, Barbells and Kettlebells. Bent handles on Dumbells is a clear sign of abuse and may exclude the product from the warranty.

• Any issues with flooring resulting from regular exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources.

Rubber dumbells should be stored on GymGear Dumbell racks which feature saddles to increase the lifetime of the product.