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Escape fitness 2-20kg Nucleus Urethane Dumbbell Set with XRACK 2.0.


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Updated with a striking look and improved space efficiency, the XRACK adds angular style and practicality to any facility.

The XRACK's physical footprint has been reduced compared to its predecessor, further improving the benefits of storing dumbbells vertically instead of horizontally. It also now comes with the cost-effective and environmentally friendly benefits of being flat-packed for easy assembly on-site.

Enhance your strength training with the Escape Fitness 2-20kg Nucleus Urethane Dumbbell Set with XRACK 2.0. This set is a true game-changer, providing a wide range of weights from 2kg to 20kg to accommodate all fitness levels. The durable urethane coating ensures a comfortable grip and long-lasting performance. With the XRACK 2.0, you can say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized efficiency. This sleek and sturdy rack keeps your dumbbells neatly stored and easily accessible, saving valuable space in your gym. Elevate your workouts and experience the power of this top-notch dumbbell set with XRACK 2.0. Did we mention it's environmentally friendly?

The dumbbell set increases in 2kg increments

Recommended with the 1-10kg dumbbell set, that way you can fill the rack up completely. 

XRACK - 5 years

Dumbbell set - 7 years

XRACK2: Weight: 54kg/119lbs (rack only).

PUDB220X: XRACK2 plus 2-20kg Nucleus Urethane Dumbbells (2kg inc).