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Gym Gear 2.5kg-50kg Urethane Dumbbell Set


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2.5kg-50kg urethane dumbbell set


Attention all fitness warriors and weightlifting enthusiasts! Prepare to be blown away by the mighty Gym Gear 2.5kg-50kg Urethane Dumbbell Set—a set that will turn your workout into a powerful adventure. Get ready to lift and unleash the beast within!

Behold, the legendary urethane dumbbell set that will take your training to new heights. These dumbbells are like the superheroes of the gym, ready to save you from the perils of weak muscles and boring workouts. Say goodbye to puny weights and hello to the ultimate lifting experience!

With 20 pairs of dumbbells ranging from 2.5kg to a mind-boggling 50kg, this set is like having a whole army of weights at your disposal. It's like a buffet of strength, where you can pick and choose the perfect weight to challenge yourself and conquer your fitness goals. Prepare to witness the transformation of your muscles into lean, mean, lifting machines!

But wait, there's more! These urethane dumbbells are built to withstand the test of time and heavy lifting. They're like the indestructible warriors of the gym world. With their solid construction and a coating that can handle even the toughest gym rats, these dumbbells will be your loyal companions on your journey to greatness.

Picture this: you, with a firm grip on the knurled handle, ready to conquer the world of weights. It's like a scene from an action movie, where you're the hero and the dumbbells are your trusty sidekicks. The power is in your hands, my friend—literally!

As you lift those weights, imagine your muscles bulging, sweat dripping, and a smile on your face. Who said working out couldn't be fun? Enjoy the process, and let the dumbbells be your partners in crime.

So, my fellow fitness adventurers, it's time to unleash the power of the Gym Gear 2.5kg-50kg Urethane Dumbbell Set. Prepare for a workout experience that's equal parts strength and laughter. It's time to lift, conquer, and become the hero of your own fitness journey. Let the dumbbell madness begin!

(20 Pairs in 2.5kg increments)

All GymGear Free Weights are covered by GymGear’s standard limited 12 month warranty from the original date of purchase unless otherwise stated. This warranty covers products against manufacturing defects for the original purchaser, wear and  tear is not covered under warranty. All Urethane Coated Products are covered for 3 years against manufacturing

defects (i.e. Urethane Dumbells and Olympic Discs). The warranty does not cover:

• Damage resulting from misuse or neglect.

• Anything deemed to be normal wear and tear.

• Damage resulting from items being used on inappropriate flooring, i.e. concrete, wood or especially hard surfaces.

Suitable Rubber or EVA flooring is recommended to prolong the life of your free weight and functional equipment.

• Damage resulting from Olympic Bumper Plates not being used on a suitable good quality Olympic Lifting Platform.

• Any issues with superficial stickers, badges or end caps.

• Damage resulting from throwing or dropping products that are not designed for this purpose, including but not limited to

Dumbells, Barbells and Kettlebells. Bent handles on Dumbells is a clear sign of abuse and may exclude the product from the warranty.

• Any issues with flooring resulting from regular exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources.

Rubber dumbells should be stored on GymGear Dumbell racks which feature saddles to increase the lifetime of the product.