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Myo strength Rubber dumbbells 8 pair set 2.5kg-20kg


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Discover the power of strength training with Myo Strength Rubber Dumbbells! The 8-pair set, ranging from 2.5kg-20kg, provides you with easy weight identification to ensure you're getting the most out of every workout. Get ready to start building amazing strength and muscle tone. What are you waiting for? Unleash your inner athlete

Introducing the Myo Strength Rubber Dumbbell 8-Pair Set, the "Fun-Bell" collection that will add a playful twist to your workouts! These rubber dumbbells are functional and versatile.

The Myo Strength Rubber Dumbbell Set features 8 pairs of dumbbells, ranging from a cute and sassy 2.5kg to a mighty 20kg. With these weight increments, you can start with the "Lightning Feather" dumbbells and work your way up to the "Mighty Hulk" dumbbells. Get ready to unleash your inner superhero and conquer your fitness goals!

Made with premium rubber, these dumbbells are tough enough to handle even the most intense workouts. They are built to withstand your sweat-inducing sessions, so you can train like a beast without worrying about durability. The rubber coating not only provides a comfortable grip but also ensures that these "Fun-Bells" won't slip out of your hands. Say goodbye to embarrassing fumbles and hello to confident lifts!

The Myo Strength Rubber Dumbbell Set is perfect for home gyms, commercial fitness spaces, and even impromptu dance parties (because who says workouts can't be fun?). The compact design allows for easy storage and ensures that your workout area remains tidy and ready for action.

Get creative with your workouts using the Myo Strength Rubber Dumbbell Set. From the classic "Bicep Buster" curls to the "Squat-a-Lot" lunges, these dumbbells will take your exercises to a whole new level of fun and excitement. Who knew working out could be so entertaining?

So, grab your Myo Strength Rubber Dumbbell 8-Pair Set and let the laughter and gains begin! Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, these "Fun-Bells" will keep you motivated, entertained, and on the path to becoming a fitness legend. Remember, fitness is serious business, but that doesn't mean we can't have a good laugh along the way!



Product: 1 year


Grip Length: 13.9 (cm)

Grip Diameter: 9.7 (cm)

Material: Rubber end with polyurethane end caps

Raised number weight identification

Increasing in 2.5kg increments