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Escape fitness 15 pair dumbbell rack


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Escape Fitness 15-pair dumbbell rack.

A storage solution guaranteed to make the toughest of men shed a tear of joy and relief.


Attention, fellow fitness enthusiasts! Are you tired of playing hide-and-seek with your rogue dumbbells? Say goodbye to the days of dumbbell chaos and welcome the heroic Escape Fitness 15-pair Dumbbell Rack—a storage solution that will bring peace and order.

Picture this: a sea of dumbbells scattered across your gym floor, plotting their escape like mischievous little ninjas. But fear not! The Escape Fitness Dumbbell Rack is here to save the day. With its 15-pair capacity, it's like a superhero fortress for your wayward weights, corralling them into a neat and organized lineup that would make even the tidiest of weightlifting gurus shed a tear of joy.

No longer will you trip over stray dumbbells or spend precious workout time searching for the missing pieces of your exercise puzzle. This dumbbell rack is your knight in shining armour, rescuing your weights from the depths of disarray and providing them with a safe haven to call home. It's like a VIP lounge for your dumbbells, where they can relax, recharge, and prepare for their next lifting adventure.

Imagine your dumbbells giving each other high-fives as they eagerly hop onto the rack, excited to be part of the organized weightlifting crew—a symphony of order and precision.

With the Escape Fitness Dumbbell Rack, you'll enjoy the delightful convenience of having your dumbbells at arm's reach, ready to be unleashed upon your muscles with gusto. No more hunting for lost weights or fearing the dreaded toe-stubbing encounters with rogue dumbbells lurking in the shadows. This rack has got your back, your biceps, and your funny bone covered.

So, my fellow fitness warriors, say goodbye to the days of dumbbell chaos and embrace the laughter-inducing organization of the Escape Fitness 15-pair Dumbbell Rack. It's time to take control of your gym space, lift with confidence, and let the joy of an organized workout area fill your heart. Let the laughter flow, the muscles grow, and the dumbbell storage woes disappear into thin air.

2 years

Configure the feet inward for adjacent shelving or outward to create a standalone storage feature in your fitness space.

Holds 30 Dumbbells (15 pairs).

Size: 1964mm (1709mm if feet are turned inward) x 700mm x 1147mm. Weight: 80kg/176lbs.