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Escape fitness 10 pair dumbbell rack


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Escape Fitness 10-pair dumbbell rack.

An irresistible storage solution, like daycare for your dumbbells.


Attention, fellow fitness fanatics! Are you tired of your dumbbells going rogue and wreaking havoc in your workout space? Fear not, for the Escape Fitness 10-pair Dumbbell Rack has arrived to save the day and bring order to the chaos of dumbbell storage!

Imagine a world where dumbbells run wild, playing hide-and-seek under your exercise bench or sneaking into random corners of your gym. It's like they have a secret mission to keep you on your toes, both figuratively and literally. But fret no more! This dumbbell rack is the superhero your gym needs—a storage solution that will put an end to the reign of the rogue dumbbells.

With its 10-pair capacity, this rack is like the ultimate VIP club for your unruly weights. It's the place where they can finally settle down, mingle with their fellow dumbbells, and find the peace and serenity they've been craving. No more searching high and low for missing dumbbells or accidentally tripping over them during your workout. It's time to restore order and bring harmony to your fitness sanctuary.

Picture your dumbbells standing in line, behaving like good little soldiers, as if they've attended etiquette classes for weights. —a visual feast of order and precision.

The Escape Fitness Dumbbell Rack is your secret weapon against the tyranny of rogue weights. It's designed to keep your dumbbells safe, organized, and easily accessible, so you can focus on what really matters—getting in shape and having a good laugh along the way.

Say goodbye to the days of dumbbell hide-and-seek and embrace your newfound well-organized gym space. The Escape Fitness 10-pair Dumbbell Rack is here to save the day, providing a sanctuary for your weights and a source of endless amusement for your workouts. Let the laughter flow, the muscles grow, and the rogue dumbbells become nothing more than a distant memory. Get ready to reclaim your gym space and lift with a smile!

10 Years for frame, 1 Year for top mat

 Holds 20 Dumbbells (10 pairs).


Size: 1964mm (1709mm if feet are turned inward) x 700mm x 755mm. Weight: 60kg/132lbs.

Configure the feet inward for adjacent shelving or outward to create a standalone storage feature in your fitness space.